Learning Something From The Vegas Shootings

Law enforcement officials from throughout the country will be using the tragic shootings in Las Vegas to make their own responses safer and more efficient. Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt is a former leader of the Sheriff’s SWAT Team. He has been monitoring the press conferences, news stories, and even heard the police radio calls from the event. He says there is always something to be learned from something like that even here in Fond du Lac. Waldschmidt and other law enforcement officers go through active shooter training, but they also offer training to the public. It is called CRASE or Civil Response to Active Shooter Events. It helps people learn what they need to do to keep themselves safe in the event of an active shooter. Waldschmidt says the shooting in Las Vegas is about the worst of a worst case scenario when it comes to an active shooter. (Fox News photo)