Leave The Fireworks To The Professionals

The fireworks you have been hearing popping and exploding the last few weeks in the City of Fond du Lac aren’t legal. Fond du Lac Fire Division Chief Troy Haase says the rule of thumb is if it leaves the ground or explodes it isn’t legal. He says you have to have a permit to use fireworks in the City and they don’t issue them. He says if you have fireworks you purchased from a tent it is against the law and there is a $1,000 fine per firework. Fond du Lac Police Officer Erik Foster says you should leave your fireworks at home if you are going to the fireworks at Lakeside Park tomorrow night because they will be enforcing the City’s fireworks ordinance. He says there are too many people that attended the fireworks and using fireworks in that atmosphere just isn’t safe. Foster also says some fireworks dealers sell permits that supposedly allow you to carry fireworks in your vehicle, but too is bogus.