Leaving Waupun School District Is Not Easy For District Superintendent

Leaving the Waupun School District wasn’t an easy decision for District Superintendent Tonya Olson. She’s worked hard during her six years with the district to turn things around. The District was able to pass a $36 million referendum and some of the buildings and improvements come to fruition in the fall, which isn’t lost on Olson. She says, “You know the facility upgrades are just remarkable and those will be finished up right about the time school starts and really there are not really any facility concerns nor will there be for quite a few years after.” She also feels the Waupun Schools have a great culture with a lot of big initiatives moving forward. Olson appreciates the school board’s support during her time with the district. She says, “I wouldn’t have been able to do the things that I have done as a superintendent if it wasn’t for the tremendous support by the school board, I mean they really. I guess we worked together really pretty collaboratively. You know it is a really good open working relationship so I can’t say enough about that that has been tremendous.” Olson will be with the district through June then she will become a principal at Belleville Elementary School in Belleville, Wisconsin. Her husband Dan grew up there. Dan Olson is the Superintendent of the Monona Grove School District.