Ledger No Longer Member Of FDL PD

City of Fond du Lac Police Department Detective William Ledger is no longer a member of the department.

In an email sent to KFIZ News Tuesday afternoon, City of Fond du Lac Attorney Deborah Hoffmann confirmed “Bill Ledger separated employment with the City of Fond du Lac on September 15, 2021.”

Detective Ledger was placed on paid Administrative Leave back in August of 2020, while an internal investigation was completed regarding at least three areas of possible violations, including Ledger repeating gossip involving the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department; improper disposal of a computer in a search, in this case a hard drive being removed from the computer before it was sent to a computer shop; and misuse of confidential police information.

The investigation produced no formal charges being brought forward, but at the time of the findings, the City of Fond du Lac had considered bringing charges before the Police and Fire Commission.

There’s been no indication given on either side as to whether a financial settlement was reached between Ledger and the City of Fond du Lac.