Lee Schlenvogt Runs For 20th State Senate Seat

Lee Schlenvogt says experience in the political arena sets him apart from the other two Republican candidates running for the 20th State Senate seat Glenn Grothman resigned from to take a seat in Congress. Schlenvogt is the chairman of the Ozaukee County Board and was previously the chairman of the Town of Port Washington Board. He says for 25 years he’s served and represented people and he enjoys that. He says taxes need to be cut. He says he has experience in doing that at the County level. He also says our welfare system is broke and notes over 800,000 people in Wisconsin are on food stamps. He would like to see drug testing for those on welfare. He also supports right-to-work and school accountability legislation. Duey Stroebel and Tiffany Koehler are the other two candidates for the 20th State Senate seat. The winner of the Tuesday, February 17th primary is unopposed in April.