Leibham Will Run For Petri’s Seat

Sheboygan, Wis. — State Sen. Joe Leibham announced Tuesday at his family home with more than 100 friends and family members present that he will be running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Wisconsin’s 6th District. His remarks as prepared for delivery are as follows:


“I am humbled, and very much enjoy serving in the state Senate, and I have had the privilege of providing strong conservative leadership on some very important issues during a historic time in our state government.


“I was on the frontline with Gov. Scott Walker as we boldly went about an effort to reform our state and take it in a much more fiscally responsible and sustainable direction. And because of our effort, our state is in a much better position. Gone are the days of multi-billion-dollar deficits. We now have budget surpluses. And because of that, I have worked to lower Wisconsin’s tax burden and make our state friendlier for jobs while maintaining realistic and sustainable support for government programs such as education, public assistance, transportation and law enforcement.


“While more work needs to be done, we have made great progress in reforming Wisconsin and it has been a great honor to work for and represent the good people of the 9th District in the state Senate over the past number of years.


“I love America, and I believe we are all blessed to be citizens of this unique nation. With that love comes great concern that our nation is facing some tremendous challenges — unprecedented debt, excessive taxation, burdensome government regulation and intrusion into the lives of free people and free enterprise, the growing entrapment of our fellow citizens into government entitlement, and the corrosion of our moral core.


“The future of the nation we know and love is at risk and our federal government needs to be reformed. Just in the area of taxation alone, our national policies need to be reformed. Today, April 22, is Tax Freedom Day here in Wisconsin. What that means is that the average Wisconsin taxpayer has worked every day from Jan. 1 through today to pay off their tax burden. Tomorrow you finally get to keep the money you have worked hard to earn instead of sending it to the government.


“This in my mind is unacceptable. High taxes stifle job creation and suffocate individual initiative. Throughout my legislative career, I have helped reform our tax climate here in Wisconsin, providing more that $2 billion in tax relief in just the past two years alone.


“Whether it is taxes, regulations, or government intrusions like Obamacare, for the sake of our nation, Washington needs to be reformed. And I want to lead that reform. Throughout my life as an Eagle Scout, legislator and dad, I have used my conservative principles and positive personality to bring about much needed change.


“And today I proudly announce my candidacy for Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District with the goal of earning the opportunity to serve as your representative and reformer in Congress.


“This decision isn’t about me being a congressman. It’s about my deep love and appreciation for this great country and my desire to ensure that future generations, like my children, Andrew, William and Lucy, that they too have the privilege of being a part of the great American experience.


“I look forward to working across this district to meet and talk with as many voters as possible and to share my conservative record and goals along with my positive, energetic personality that seeks to respectfully convince people to join our cause instead of push them away.


“So let’s go forward to reform our government for the sake of the nation we love. Together we can bring more of Wisconsin to Washington and restore the greatness of America.”


Leibham, a resident and taxpayer of the 6th Congressional District, lives in Sheboygan with his wife, Heather, and their three young children.


Leibham has represented portions of Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Calumet and Fond du Lac counties in the state Senate and the greater Sheboygan area in the state Assembly. Prior to his years of public service, Leibham worked in the private sector for 11 years for Sargento Foods in Plymouth and the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce.


Leibham also named more than 20 members of his campaign advisory committee.


“I am humbled and honored to have the support of so many people for my candidacy for Congress,” Leibham said. “My team is composed of people from all walks of life, from veterans like Don Zimmer to former Lt. Gov. Margaret Farrow. From those in Neenah to those in River Hills, they will all be essential to my running a successful campaign.”