Lemonade Day Is Saturday May 7

Temperatures are expected to climb in the upper 60’s on Saturday, which will make for a perfect Lemonade Day in Fond du Lac County.

Stands will be open May 7th, 2022 from 11am – 2pm. There are 33 stands this year, with 132 youth and adult mentors registered in the program. Stands have been organized and mentored by Boys & Girls Club, Big Bro./Big Sis.; The ARC, Faith Lutheran, Sabish, Waters, Chegwin, Ebony Vision, St. Mary’s Spring Academy, Lomira schools, St. Peters, and individual families that had youth wanting to do the program.

Customers that visit stands will be asked to vote on their lemonade for ‘Best Tasting Lemonade’ award.

The stands are all operated by area youth, and will be located in Fond du Lac, Eden, Lomira, Brownsville, Waupun and Theresa.

Lemonade Day program is about more than just a Lemonade Day stand. In Fond du Lac County, it is a community tradition that has taken place for the past seven years.

Originally organized through Envision Greater Fond du Lac for the past seven years, Envision sunsetted the program, and approached UW Extension of Fond du Lac to continue the program.

Ron Jakubisin, Positive Youth Development Educator states, “It’s such a huge tradition in Fond du Lac and it wouldn’t exist if not for Envision’s talented staff, we are honored to continue this great tradition!” Jakubisin emphasized that the program also would not exist if not for the major sponsorship from Society Insurance and a grant from UW-Madison/Division of Extension.

“The support from National Exchange Bank & Trust and Horicon Bank is also incredibly invaluable as they conduct Lemon Loans”, Jakubisin added, “They give their time and staff as youth go through a loan interview to start up their stand business, its fun and educational for everyone!”

For a complete list of stands visit the websites:

https://lemonadeday.org/fond-du-lac-county/stands-map https://fonddulac.extension.wisc.edu/positive-youth-development/

Youth learn, with the help of a mentor/teacher and lesson book, how to set a goal, create a business plan by setting a goal, creating a budget, finding an investor, choosing a site location, creating an advertising plan, building a stand, and then report results.

Youth also learn valuable life skills…leadership, teamwork, social skills, social responsibility, and a huge new sense of confidence in their abilities. Youth keep the money they earn. They are encouraged to spend some, save some, and share some with their favorite charity. In 2021, youth-run lemonade stands donated 91% of their profits to a local non-profit!