Letter From The IRS May Not Be A Scam

An official with the state’s Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection says if you receive a letter from the IRS it may not be a scam. Frank Frassetto says starting last month the IRS got permission to use private debt collectors to collect on back taxes. But he says that is only for people that have owed them money for more than two years. He says the other thing is you will be contacted by mail, not phone, if you are one of the people the IRS is trying to collect from. He says taxpayers will be getting letters from the IRS first saying which of four private debt collectors they will be hearing from. A follow up letter will be sent to them from the private debt collector. He says you will be asked to pay that debt electronically to an IRS website location. Frassetto says you can check the IRS website any time to see if you owe any money.