LGBTQ+ Pride Proclamation On City Council Agenda

Usually a City Council
meeting in June doesn’t get too much attention. But one look at the agenda for
Wednesday nights’ FDL City Council Meeting, and it could be some pre-4th
of July Fireworks. 

Item 1d on the agenda notes that a Proclamation will be
made, approved by the Council, that states the month of June will now be recognized
as LGBTQ+ Pride month. One local pastor has already said he plans on being in
the Council chambers Wednesday night to voice his opposition to the
proclamation. In a letter sent to Council members and KFIZ News, Calvary Cross
Church Pastor, Heath Perry, made it clear that he and others will be stepping
to the microphone, should Council keep the proclamation on the agenda. 

tells the Council they are making a very big mistake and the proclamation
decision has many negative consequences that Council has not fully thought
through. The City Council meeting is set to get underway Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.
in the City County Government