Library Carpeting Project Allows For Some Reconfiguring

Fond du Lac Public Library Director Jon Mark Bolthouse says putting in new carpeting at their downtown branch allowed them to also do some reconfiguring at the facility. One of things library patrons had asked for was a quiet section. Fiction and non-fiction books were moved to the second floor, which will now fill that need. He says, “It’s a lot more like what I would describe as sort of the library I grew up with lots of stacks of books. Individual seating all around, it’s become a really, really nice place to come read or if you have to do individual studying.” The first floor will also look a little different. Bolthouse says, “Downstairs what we did is we actually expanded the teen area with the space that we saved we’ve expanded the DVD selection. We are going to divide DVD’s up between movies and television shows.” Bolthouse says they also repainted and they are going to do some deep cleaning of all the chairs in the library and the tile.