Lieutenant Cameron McGee Retiring from FDL Sheriff’s Office Today

Photo courtesy of the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office

Another veteran
of the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office is calling it a career. Lieutenant
of Detectives Cameron McGee will take the ceremonial Ramp Walk this afternoon after
31 years of service to Fond du Lac County. McGee started working in the jail in
1988, and then became a patrol deputy in 1990. McGee spent seven years on the
road before being promoted to Patrol Sergeant, then moved up to Detective in
2000. McGee says as far as detective work goes, the basics of the work haven’t
changed all that much in 19 years, but advances in technology have made work a
lot different around other parts of the department. “The technology is just
phenomenal, what we have today compared to what we had,” McGee said. “We had
radios. That’s it. Of course, they still have radios today, but now we have
cell phones, computers – it’s mind-boggling the changes we’ve seen.” McGee also
points to advancements in DNA technology as one of the changes he’s seen in his
time working as a detective.

McGee says he’s
going to miss the people he works with the most after he retires. “I can sum
this up real simple. I had a front row seat to the greatest show on earth, and
I got to work with the finest people around. That’s it,” McGee said. He adds
that Image and Traditions have always been a focus during his time with the
Sheriff’s Office, starting with former sheriff’s Gary Pucker and Jim Gilmore
and continuing with the recently retired Mick Fink. McGee says the department
is in good hands under Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt’s leadership. “Ryan Waldschmidt
is clearly going to carry on with the image and traditions that we have, and he’s
going to propel this agency forward into the future,” he said. The Ramp Walk
for McGee is at 3 o’clock this afternoon at the Sheriff’s Office on Western

Listen to an interview with McGee here