Life Threatening Overdoses Up In FDL This Month

Fond du Lac EMTs have administered Narcan 32 times this year to save people who were overdosing from heroin or opioids. Assistant Fire and Rescue Chief Todd Janquart (pictured) says through the first nine days of the month they had calls to five life-threatening overdoses as many as last month altogether. He says they administered Narcan to reverse the effects because the patient was basically on death’s door and they were going to die if EMTs didn’t intervene. He says there is an ebb and flow to the overdoses, which likely has to do with the availability of drugs in the area. By this time last year Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue had administered Narcan 30 times, two fewer than the year-to-date. Janquart says there have been two suspected opioid-related deaths in the City this year.