Liquid Manure Spill On County Highway T

There was another manure spill in Fond du Lac County over the weekend, but circumstances were much different than the Memorial Day spill at the Lake Breeze Dairy. Liquid manure was being transported from Vir-Clar Farm when about 1,000 gallons leaked on Fourth Street Road Saturday night. County Executive Al Buechel says they got notification from the DNR about the incident, which was quickly cleaned up.  He says he spoke to one of the farm’s owners, Gary Boyke, who told him there was no runoff into the ditches. He says there was no harm to the environment or public health. He says it was much less serious than the Lake Breeze Dairy spill where the manure made its way into Pipe Creek. Buechel will moderate a talk at the Fond du Lac Public Library Wednesday night at 6 p.m. about manure spills and Lake Winnebago.