Listening Important In School Safety

North Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Aaron Sadoff prefers not to dwell on the negatives when it comes to talking about the shooting at a Florida high school. He notes their own district is making entrances to their schools more secure with some of the referendum money. Their teachers also help in creating a trusting and comfortable environment for students He says, “We try to arm our teachers with the mentality that you know what you think and do matters and if you have kids who find value in you, the building and the school they are less apt to hurt anything. Plus they are more apt to let people know when things happen.” Sadoff likes the push to continue to do better in the wake of that tragic shooting. He says, “I love the voice of the kids, I love the voice of the families and what I am starting to really, really appreciate is the voice of our leadership saying you know what lets just shut our mouths, lets open our ears and let’s do what is right for the country instead of the special interests.  And what is right for the country will promote and make the special interests even better.” Sadoff says we still have to continue to be vigilant whenever we hear about a person hurting, about a person in need, and about some anomaly.