Little Change after NFDL Village Trustee Vote Recount

The results of a recount of votes cast in Tuesday’s
Village Trustee race in North Fond du Lac ended up with little change in the
final outcome. Chuck Hornung and Ann Price won election to the two open spots
on the Village Board when the final results were counted Tuesday. John Duffy
lost by three votes – and asked for a recount – claiming there was an error
with one of the voting machines that led to a different outcome that what he
believed was correct. The Village’s Board of Canvass conducted the recount this
(Friday) morning by hand. In the end, Hornung and Price each gained one vote,
while Duffy’s vote total remained the same.

Canvassers found a ballot where a voter clearly tried to
vote for both Hornung and Price, but did not mark the ballot correctly –
circling the names on the ballot instead of filling in the oval. The board
found “clear voter intent” and counted each vote for the candidates.

The Final Vote Total is Below:

Chuck Hornung – 458 votes

Ann Price – 398 votes

John Duffy – 394 votes

Write-ins – 5 votes

Under-Votes – 341 votes