Little Libraries Popping Up In Waupun

From afar they might look like a large bird house, but some of the structures people are seeing at homes in Waupun have a different purpose. They are known as free standing libraries and up closer look more like a bookcase with glass or plastic doors to protect the books inside. Doreen Lont works for the Waupun Public Library she says it’s not something they are doing, but she’s seen a few around the City. Those who stop are invited to take a book or leave a book. Lont says she talked with a man who left a poster at the library about one of the little libraries. He told her they had a lot of books in their home and heard about the idea. They decided to build one of their own. She says she’s one of those caught doing a double-take at first thinking she was walking up on a large bird house. She says it’s a nice idea for smaller communities that may not be able to afford their own library. Waupun Police Department photos.