Local Companies Fund New Unified Mobile Command Post

Fond du Lac residents got a chance to view the Police and Fire Departments’ new Unified Mobile Command Post prior to Wednesday night’s City Council meeting. Assistant Police Chief Steve Thirty says C.D. Smith Construction and J.F. Ahern Company funded enhancement of an existing vehicle. Representatives of the two local companies were honored with a proclamation during the Council meeting. Thiry says Police and Fire will be able to use the Mobile Command Post for a variety of calls. He says it could be used for a fire scene, a SWAT call out, a Hazmat spill or even an active shooter event. He says they previously used the vehicle as a transportation bus for their SWAT team, but now it has work stations, its own power source, and an HD camera that can give them a bird’s eye view of the scene.

Representatives of C.D. Smith Construction and J.F. Ahern Company receive a Fond du Lac City Council Proclamation.