Local Contractor Back In Court Tuesday

A local contractor accused of theft is due back in court Tuesday.

Adam T. Walsh, 37, of Van Dyne is accused of taking money from customers who paid him to do construction projects for them, but never received the agreed-upon work.

Court records show at least four open cases involving Walsh and his company, Walsh’s Contracting. Walsh has a long history of being in court, dating back to 2014.

Walsh is facing two counts of Felony Bail Jumping, one count of Misdemeanor Bail Jumping, and one count of Theft by Contractor.

Walsh is due back in court next week and again in August on two other open cases.

KFIZ News had reached out back in early October of 2020, to the phone number associated with Walsh Contracting, and had received numerous texts from someone acting on behalf of the company.

We were told that “Walsh’s Contracting is no longer in business, just so that you are aware. They been out of business for quite some time, and have quite a few issues to deal with pertaining to the business. They were without appropriate management that had let to quite a few issues both legal and non-legal that now have to be dealt with.” The person also went on to say that “it was never their(Walsh’s Contracting) intention to run into a situation of destroying their character and name. They plan to compensate and clear up all issues.”