Local FDL Subway Location Almost Became A Drive-Thru Overnight

A local Subway location in Fond du Lac was almost
turned into a drive-thru early Monday morning, by accident. Literally. FDL
Police were called to the corner of 8th and Vincent, just before
12:45 a.m, where a vehicle had failed to stop at the stop sign on Vincent,
causing the vehicle to jump the curb and end up in the parking lot. 

The 22-year
old female driver of the vehicle did admit to drinking while driving, and
claimed to have had at least 4 drinks in the previous two hours. She was
charged with a 1st Offense OWI, as well as failing to stop at stop
sign along with consuming alcohol while in a vehicle. The driver did complain
of knee pain, but no further injuries were reported as a result of the