Local Group Helps Children Recognize, Develop Healthy Relationships

Local organizations are working with kids of all ages to teach them what healthy relationships look like. ASTOP – a local group that works with domestic abuse and sexual assault victims – also works to educate children about how to treat others. Prevention Educator Rhianna Zuleger gives a number of different presentations about the concept of consent and how it is viewed under Wisconsin state statutes. She tells us“I have the whole listing and I’m like ‘OK guys, let’s be real, consent means giving permission. That’s what you need to know right now. You don’t need to know the legal definition of consent.’  But then we also tie in those healthy relationships with my consent presentation and what that looks like in a friendship, in a family, in a relationship-a romantic relationship.”

Anyone dealing with abusive relationships – or are escaping abusive relationships – can reach out for help through the SSM Health Domestic Violence Services.