Local Music Scene Starting To Heat Up Again

As we get ready to open up
fully for business statewide, there’s no industry that’s waited for an “all
clear” with more anticipation than the bar and restaurant scene. Opening back
up is one thing, trying to figure out HOW things are going to look and run upon
opening is another. 

Brian Harrison is the co-owner of Wisconsin-based Bananas
Entertainment, and he said that, despite the challenges of the past few months,
June is off to a hot start. And while many places have put plans in place
and are booking live entertainment again, others are not so lucky, as they are still struggling to put a plan in place that protects employees, customers and entertainer. 

And with
a summer that looks pretty empty when it comes to the normal large music
festivals, Harrison thinks this is a great
time for more of the local acts to shine. Harrison
did say their long-term rebound plan has them back at 100% booking capacity
within the next twelve months.