Local News Briefs 12-26-13

Gudex Welcomes News On FDL Growth


Senator Rick Gudex says it was good to see recent reports that Fond du Lac was
moving up the ranks when it came to the presence of high tech industries and
best performing cities economically. He says its great news with all the effort
the City, County and Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation put
into attracting businesses. He says he’s certainly proud to have that happen
here in his hometown. A national think tank recently ranked the Fond du Lac metropolitan
area 13th out of 179 cities across the nation for the presence of high-tech
industries and 65th out of that same number of cities for best performing
cities. Gudex says it says a lot about our citizens as well. He says we have
good work ethic and we want to keep it moving.



Chances Of
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Increase During The Winter


Division Chief of Fire Prevention for the Fond
du Lac
Fire Department says with the colder weather
there’s also a higher chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. Troy Haase says heat sources can put out carbon dioxide in your home and you may not even
realize it. He says cooking equipment should be UL approved. Some tips he
offers is to avoid using a gas stove to heat an area of your home. Never use a
charcoal grill or portable generator in your home. He says if you’re going to
warm up your car do it outside your garage. He says symptoms of carbon monoxide
poisoning include headaches, nausea, dizziness, weakness, vomiting, chest pains
and confusion. He says carbon monoxide detectors could save your life and you
should have one on every floor of your home.


Bill Protects Children For Identity Thieves


One of the
recent bills Governor Scott Walker signed into law was Assembly Bill 248, which
was authored by State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt of Fond du Lac. It would allow a parent or
guardian to freeze their child’s credit to protect them against identity theft.
Thiesfeldt says children are targeted by identity thieves because their credit
records are clean and people don’t pay attention to their children’s credit
records too much. One national study found that children are 51 times more
likely to be victims of identity theft than adults.


demand for ‘advanced practice professionals’ in Wisconsin hospitals

(WRN) The rapid growth in the number of positions being created for physician
assistants and advanced practice nurses is triggering a new round of
recruitment challenges for Wisconsin hospitals, according to Judy Warmuth, vice
president for workforce development with the Wisconsin Hospital Association The
increasing difficulty of recruiting primary care doctors means greater demand
for these advanced practice professionals  Warmuth says eleven years ago, when the
Hospital Association conducted its very first workforce survey, the number of
physician assistants and advanced practice nurses in hospitals was not
significant. The latest report also found that positions that hospitals
struggled to fill just four years ago, such as pharmacists and radiology
technologists, are now reporting historically low vacancy rates.