Local News Briefs 9/4/14

Walker On Right To Work


(WRN) Governor
Scott Walker says he’s not interested in pushing right to work legislation. Walker makes it clear
that right to work legislation will not be a legislative priority in a second
term, if he defeats Democrat Mary Burke in November. It’s not the first time Walker has rebuffed suggestions that Wisconsin might become a right to work state
– the issue was raised during the recall campaign and again during the most
recent legislative session. Walker
stopped short however, of definitively stating he’d veto such a bill if it were
to pass the legislature.


Governor Scott
Walker will be in the area today. Walker
is scheduled to be at Manowske Welding just before noon to take a tour of the


Honored By State Chamber


Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), the State’s Chamber of Commerce, recently
honored Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt with the prestigious “Working for Wisconsin” Award at Wells Vehicle Electronics in Fond du Lac.  The
award is given to legislators who stand up for jobs and improve the state’s
business climate by voting 80 percent or greater in support of the pro-jobs
position on the WMC legislative scorecard. WMC reports that Rep. Jeremy
Thiesfeldt voted 100 percent to support job-creating legislation



Ripon Story Walk Makes Debut


This month the Ripon
Library’s Story Walk will make its debut on the Northwestern Trail. The Friends
of the Ripon Public Library are funding the effort. City Administrator Lori
Rich says the Common Council recently gave their blessing to the effort, which
will allow residents to walk the trail and read a story a page at a time as
they follow the path. She says pages will be laminated and staked out one page
at a time along the trail so people can read it as they walk the trail. She
says the first story is about a puppy. She says the goal was to have the story
walk ready in time for Ripon’s Septemberfest celebration this month.


Man Hit By Car


A 71-year-old man was struck
by a car while trying to cross North
Main Street
on Wednesday morning.  The man was trying to cross at Main and Arndt when he was hit by a southbound vehicle.
The man hit was transported
to St. Agnes Hospital
with multiple injuries.  The accident
happened just before 9am.