Local News Briefs Friday 2/6/15

The former Oshkosh teacher’s aide who had sex with a 14-year-old student has pled to several charges. Twenty-seven-year-old Lindsey Quednow Thursday pled guilty in Winnebago County Court to repeated sexual assault of the same child and child enticement charges. Three other charges were dismissed.  According to prosecutors the two met while she was working as a teacher’s aide at the Merrill Middle School. The sexual relationship started last July when the two began working together at the same restaurant. Their sexual encounters took place at her Oshkosh home. A sentencing hearing hasn’t been scheduled yet.

Lakeside Park Bridge Discussion

Fond du Lac Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says more time will be taken to discuss what to do about a bridge in Lakeside Park that needs repair or replacement. The bow-string bridge is located across from the pavilion in the park. Skiff says there is a group that would like to see the bridge rehabilitated and saved. He says they will likely have a professional engineer evaluate the bridge. Skiff says original plans were to replace the bridge after they determined the cost of replacement was less expensive than rehabilitating the bridge. He says it would cost $110,000 to $120,000 to rehabilitate it versus about $70,000 to replace it with a bridge that has the same architectural type style. He says discussions about the bridge may include the historic preservation commission.

Representative Thiesfeldt On Bonding For Transportation Costs

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt says he doesn’t agree with the governor on how to pay for transportation funding in the governor’s budget proposal. Governor Walker proposed borrowing up to $1.3 billion for transportation. Thiesfeldt says he would prefer paying for those things as much as we can. He says by using bonding it does help to balance out how you pay for things in future years, but you have to pay more because you are paying interest on that as well. The state lawmaker from Fond du Lac says government at all levels does too much borrowing especially with interest rates at artificially low levels because of the economy. The governor has proposed a total of over $1.5 billion in bonding in the state’s nearly $70 billion two-year budget.

Some Traffic Deaths Are Preventable

Fond du Lac County’s Highway Safety Coordinator says law enforcement officials sometimes get angry and frustrated after a fatal traffic accident. Sheriff’s Captain Rick Olig says it’s because they do care about the drivers and passengers and some deaths are preventable. He says the County first fatal accident of the year last month was in part due to aggressive driving by the driver of the car. Christopher Wachter of Sheboygan Falls and his four-year-old son Landon died as a result of that accident. Ten died last year in Fond du Lac County traffic accidents, which is low compared to some years with more than 30, but Olig says even two deaths are too many if you’re acquainted with those who died. He says although some accidents are unavoidable lives can be saved by using seatbelts something they share with kids in driver’s education. Last month there were 35 traffic-related deaths in Wisconsin.

Membership Fee For NFDL Senior Center Nixed

After further consideration the North Fond du Lac Village Board won’t be requiring a membership fee for their senior center. Village Administrator Chuck Hornung says he was able to determine that only about 50 percent of those using their center are village residents. The City of Fond du Lac requires a small fee for membership, but Hornung says unlike Fond du Lac the North Fond du Lac Senior Center doesn’t offer as many opportunities for seniors. He says they don’t offer trips, programs or speakers. He says they don’t even have a Senior Center Director.

Keep Exits Clear Of Snow

The Division Chief for Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue urges residents to keep two exit ways clear of snow from their home. Troy Haase says two clear exits is something they recommend for homes, businesses and schools because if you have a fire you should have an option available if flames cut off one of those routes. He recommends making sure the door works and that you don’t have it blocked off. He says if there is a fire there’s little time to look for another way of getting out of a building.

Marian BSN Can Be Pursued Online

Marian University in Fond du Lac is now offering a 100 percent online Bachelor of Science Nursing degree. Sara Meyer is an admissions counselor at Marian. She says registered nurses who have a two year associate’s degree can pursue their bachelor’s degree through the program. She says within the next five years a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree will be required for the majority of those who are seeking nursing work. She says in many larger cities a BSN or someone seeking their bachelor’s degree is required for a nursing position. She says the nice thing up about pursuing a BSN online is that you can pursue it in your spare time. She says applications are available at Marian’s website. She says financial aid is also available for the program. 

Freshman Orientation Night At FDL High School

The Fond du Lac High School staff will host a Freshmen Orientation Night and Activity Fair next Wednesday. Information regarding academic opportunities and extra-curricular activities at the high school will be provided to incoming freshmen and their parents/guardians.  Fond du Lac School District 8th grade students are urged to attend as well as those who are not currently in the District but interested in exploring the numerous and varied opportunities at Fond du Lac High School.  Registration materials will be available and counselors will be on hand to answer any questions. The event will begin in the Performing Arts Center at 5:30 and run until 7:30 p.m. Tours of the school will also be available.

Half Day Party At FDL Public Library

With a half day of school scheduled today the Fond du Lac Public Library is holding a party for younger children! Kids ages 6-12 are invited to an afternoon party at 1 p.m. with Battle-It-Out-Bingo, snacks and the showing of “Despicable Me 2.” Free. No registration is required.