Local News Briefs Friday 7/17/15

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s investigators are looking into an accident in which a semi went over the centerline on Highway 23 east of Fond du Lac Wednesday and hit two cars injuring five people. Sheriff’s Sergeant Paul Rottscholl says the westbound truck driver may have been trying to pass. He says the first vehicle saw him coming and tried to get off on the shoulder, but wasn’t able to. It was a glancing blow that almost took off the driver’s side of the vehicle. The car careened off of the truck and went down into a ditch. It went down the embankment and up to a power pole that was about 50 yards off the highway. The truck hit the second vehicle head on. He says the semi was about eight feet over the centerline when it struck the first vehicle. He says the second vehicle went into the ditch and rolled over down a steep hill. Rottscholl says they do regular traffic patrols of the highway and know how dangerous it is. Rottscholl says Highway 23 is one of the areas that’s the focus of a speeding enforcement grant they received. Efforts to expand the highway from two to four lanes between Fond du Lac and Plymouth have been delayed both by funding and a federal lawsuit.

Gas Leak During FDL Street Reconstruction

Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue had to evacuate some homes for a gas leak on Division Street between Military and Brooke yesterday where road construction is being done. Alliant Energy was called in to clamp off the leak and a few people were without gas service while that was being done.

Washington County Homicide Trial Could Go To Jury Today

Eighteen-year-old Joseph Langlois spent more than two hours on the witness stand in Washington County Court Thursday defending himself from a first-degree reckless homicide charge. Langlois is charged with fatally stabbing his 20-year-old brother Jacob in the chest with a fillet knife during a scuffle in their Hartford home in February of 2014. The fight apparently started over an X-box game system that Jacob was packing to take with him to National Guard boot camp. The jury trial started Tuesday. Closing arguments will be heard this morning and the case could be turned over to the jury before noon for deliberations and a decision.

Green Lake County Animal Neglect Case Reported

Forty-two dogs were surrendered to the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter after a complaint was received about the filthy and poor living conditions the dogs were living in at a Town of Kingston residence. The dogs were being fed and watered, but were living in their own feces and urine. The dogs also had limited vaccinations. A Green Lake County Sheriff’s deputy trained as a humane officer negotiated the surrender of the dogs to the animal shelter. The dogs were removed from the home and outbuildings last Saturday. Charges of animal neglect are being referred to the District Attorney’s Office against a 55-year-old woman.  

Case Of Former Fox Lake Police Chief Now Involves State Supreme Court

The next phase in the ongoing child molestation case against former Fox Lake Police Chief Pat Lynch will come before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The 59-year-old was charged nearly five years ago with three counts of First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child and three counts of Stalking, all felonies. He is charged with the alleged assault of a preteen in 1989. Lynch is also accused of stalking the victim at her workplace and also stalking his ex-wife’s former boyfriend and a former co-worker. There are oral arguments scheduled before the state’s high court this October. Their decision involves access to privileged records from the victim’s mental health treatment. Attorneys for Lynch want to use the records as evidence but the state is objecting. Without the victims consent to release the records, she is prohibited from testifying all together. While oral arguments will be heard this fall, a decision by the court is not expected until next summer.

Historical Designation Moving Along For Bow String Truss Bridge

Fond du Lac’s Historic Preservation Commission this week decided it would like to historically designate the bow string truss bridge on Fountain Island. Community Development Coordinator Dyann Benson says there has been interest in the community in the designation and a public hearing will be scheduled in the next few months. She says they would like move the trusses from the bridge elsewhere because some of the work that would be done would impact the architectural detail of the bridge. She says the historic aspect of the bridge really is the two trusses. She says they could relocate them along a trail or path. Benson says they will be replacing the bridge in Lakeside Park with a new one, which was more cost effective. 

Heat Tips

The public health officer for Fond du Lac County says people should make an effort to stay cool with high heat and humidity moving in this weekend. Kim Mueller says if you’re going to the County Fair or will be outdoors dress appropriately. She says you can do that by wearing light-colored and light weight clothes. She also advises drinking plenty of water and skipping alcoholic or caffeinated beverages. She says it’s best to stay out of the heat if you can and spend it in an air-conditioned place. Mueller says if you don’t have air-conditioning go to a place that has it like the mall or a grocery store. Other tips include not leaving children or pets in cars, check on older neighbors and if it goes over 90 degrees use fans to blow air out of your residence.

Participation In 4-H And FFA Helped Fairest Of The Fair

If you’re going to the Fond du Lac County Fair this weekend be sure to look for the Fairest of the Fair Valerie Kramer she’s a veteran of the fair. She says make sure you tour the animal barns. Having participated in 4-H and FFA over the years has given her confidence and the poise to serve as Fairest of the Fair. Today at the fair its Mercury Marine Military Day. Active and retired Military veterans are able to bring a guest and themselves for free from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Tonight on the Grandstand two 80’s rock bands Great White and Slaughter perform.