Local News Briefs Monday 12/15/14

More than 20 people have tested positive for the flu in Fond du Lac County. Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says the flu season is starting weeks earlier than it normally does in the County. She says 22 people have tested positive for influenza. She says all of cases were Influenza Type A. So far only a couple of people have been hospitalized because of the flu. She says in both cases the person was older than 60 years old. She says it’s not too late to get vaccinated to prevent the flu. She says it will prevent the flu and if you do happen to get the flu will reduce the effects of the symptoms. She says there are a few things she recommends to help reduce the spread of the flu. She recommends washing your hand thoroughly and often. Stay home if you’re sick and avoid contact with someone that is sick. And she says cover your mouth or nose when your are coughing or sneezing.

Stabbing In Sheboygan

Sheboygan Police arrested three people after a 27-year-old man was stabbed Friday night. The victim was treated at the scene and then taken to a Green Bay hospital for surgery. Two others are being south for their roles in the incident that happened outside SheVegas. The victim is expected to recover.

City Manager Praised FDL Police And Fire Departments

Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore says the City’s Police and Fire Departments had a lot to deal with this year and should be proud of the way they responded. Moore talked about during a Year in Review presentation he did for the City Council. He says the police department had to deal with drug use and sales. He says he appreciates the police department’s quick response in solving those crimes. He says the fire department also had to deal with drug problems specifically saving a number of lives by using NARCAN on those who overdosed from heroin and opiates. Moore also praised the police department for implementation of their Domestic Violence Intervention Team, District Policing and use of Community Service Officers. He also says completion of accreditation for the fire department next year will give them one of the top department’s in the country. He also praised Fire Chief Peter O’Leary whose peers named him Fire Chief of the Year.

City Council President Notes Progress

Fond du Lac City Council President Sam Meyer says he’s impressed with the progress that’s been made revitalizing the downtown and around the community. Meyer’s State Farm Insurance Office is located downtown. He says the Commonwealth Company’s development of the Retlaw Theater and Marian University’s development of the Nielsen are a one-two punch that will have a major impact on the downtown. He says there are also rumblings about a change in ownership for the Retlaw Plaza Hotel that could also have a positive impact on the downtown. But he says not all changes are occurring downtown. There are also the Grande Cheese and Agnesian HealthCare projects. Meyer says he was even impressed with the ribbon cutting for the Love’s Travel Stop and Country Store that creates jobs and will promote commerce. He says a lot of positive things are happening in and around Fond du Lac.

Getting Schooled On Standards Based Grading

Sometimes even parents have to go back to school to learn how their children are doing. Recently the Fond du Lac High School held questions and answer sessions for parents who wanted to learn more about the new standards based grading system. High School Principal Michelle Hagen says teachers set the standards and they want students to have them mastered by the time they leave the course. She a proficiency scale is set for the course to determine how well students understand what they’ve learned. Hagen says the goal is about comprehension and retention. She says proficiency scores are translated into letter grades, which will help students with grade point averages in class rankings and landing scholarships for those planning to attend a college or university. 

United Way Still Needs Donations

With just a couple weeks left in the campaign the Fond du Lac Area United Way is at 72 percent of its $745,000 fundraising goal. United Way Executive Director Tina Potter says they’ve raised about $536,000 in donations. She believes they will be able to reach their goal. She says that being said they still need donations to make that happen. Among those who recently wrapped up their campaign was Manowske Welding.She says Manowske Welding was able to raise about $17,000 for them. She says in another effort they recently got a check for $1,700 from the UW-Fond du Lac student government officials.

Top Ticket For Lottery Game Sold In Sheboygan

A Sheboygan store sold the winning ticket for the top prize in the Holly Jolly Raffle game. State lottery officials say a drawing was held for the $100,000 winner and that winning ticket was sold by Adithi Inc. Store in Sheboygan. Fifty $1,000 winners and 1,000 $100 winners were also drawn. The winning ticket number for the top prize was 055179. The complete list of winners will be available at lottery retailers.

Byron Historical Society Meeting Features Native American Speakers

Native American Storyteller Margaret Jarek and Brothertown elder Dick Welch will be the featured speakers at Byron Historical Society meeting tonight at 7 p.m. Jarek, a weekly columnist for the Fond du Lac Reporter, will share stories that reflect the values of indigenous people, their harmonious interaction with the environment, and the significance of the solstice in Native American culture. The focus of Welch’s program will be the importance of the drum as the heartbeat of the Native American people. The event is open to the public. The Byron Town Hall is located at N3097 Highway 175 in Byron.

Gift Idea FDL Public Library BookCellar Gift Certificates

Stuck for a gift this holiday season, the Fond du Lac Public Library has an idea that could save you some money. The BookCellar in the lower level of the downtown library has a couple of sales this month. Library Community Information Coordinator Terri Fleming says a BookCellar gift certificate is only $5. They also have their Stocking Stuffer Sale going today, Saturday and again next Monday during which all paperbacks are three for $1.  Then beginning Saturday, December 27th all their Christmas items will be half price. BookCellar hours are Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Mondays from noon to 7 p.m. They sell used books, movies, magazines and music at huge discounts.