Local News Briefs Monday 12/21/15

Needed For ASTOP Crisis Line


executive director of ASTOP Sexual Abuse
Center in Fond du Lac says there’s a training session
next month for those who would like to volunteer to help with their 24-hour
crisis line. Jan McDonough says they have 25 to 30 people who volunteer to take
calls on their crisis line. She says they can always use extra help. They are
located on the fifth floor of Agnesian

She says
you can give them a call to get the ball rolling. The number to call is
920-926-5395 and talk to Lindsey. She says hours can be tailored to your


Food Gifts
For Christmas Can Pose Problems For Pets


If you have
pets be careful about putting gifts with food in them under your Christmas
tree. Dr. Marty Greer of Veterinary
says pets will be
able to smell that food and they will open up the packages and consume the
contents if you’re not careful. She says certain foods can be toxic to dogs.
She says chocolate-covered raisins and macadamia nuts, and chocolate in general
is toxic for dogs. She says other things like a cheese and sausage gift tray
might cause intestinal problems or diarrhea. Dr. Greer says there are some
misconceptions about a couple of plants you see put out during the Christmas
season. She says mistletoe is toxic, but poinsettias are not toxic.


FDL Public
Library Display Features Medicine In George Washington’s Time


A special
display kicks off at the Fond du Lac
Public Library today and runs through the end of January. Community Information
Coordinator Terri Fleming says its called, “Every Necessary Care and Attention:
George Washington and Medicine.” She says the title originates from one of
George Washington’s letters. She says the letter was to one of his overseers
directing them to take care of people on his plantation under his watch. She
says it’s a panel display on colonial medicine that provides some insight on Washington’s time and
how he dealt with his plantation and people under his care. Fleming says a
companion display from the Fond
du Lac

Historical Society will include some turn of the century equipment from a local
doctor and drugstores. 


Marian Club
Donates Towards Park


Marian University’s Criminal Justice Club recently
made a donation in the amount of $350 to the Greenway Arboretum. The donation
will be used toward the purchase of a bench for the Greenway Arboretum
. The Club engaged in
a volunteering opportunity with the Greenway Arboretum, and decided to dedicate
the funds raised throughout the academic year to the organization. Each year,
the club chooses a different charity or organization to which they dedicate
their fundraising.


Historical Society Meeting Focuses On Life In Hamilton


The Byron
Historical Society’s December meeting tonight at 7 p.m. will feature Bob Mann sharing
his collection of stories and documents on life in Hamilton, Wisconsin,
during the 1920s and 1930s. The event is open to the public. Hamilton
was located about four miles south of Fond
du Lac
along Highway 175, with the quarry operations
on the high hill (still known as Hamilton Hill) as its commercial center. Mann
is a descendant of the Anderson
family who played a pivotal role in the life of the once-thriving community
that boasted a number of stone quarries, a railroad depot, a post office, and a
garage that played a significant role in the flying adventures of novice
aviators Steve Wittman and Perry Anderson. 
The evening will begin at 7:00 pm with a short meeting prior to Mann’s
program. The Byron
Town Hall
is located at
N3097 Hwy. 175, Byron. For additional information or questions on the program,
contact [email protected]  or call 920-922-5351.