Local News Briefs Monday 2/2/15

Beaver Dam Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred early Sunday afternoon in the 900 block of Madison Street. Police say two men got out of a red truck that stopped in front of a residence. During an altercation with the victim a shot was fired, but no one was injured. The two suspects then left in the single cab Chevy pickup.  The incident happened just before 12:30 p.m. 

Measles Reported In Neighboring States

Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says with more than 100 measles cases reported across 14 states now is a good time to consider having yourself or your child vaccinated if you or they haven’t been. She says the MMR or measles, mumps and rubella vaccination will provide protection. She says the United States did such a good job with vaccinating against measles that it was thought to be eradicated in the early 2000’s. The latest cases reportedly trace their origin back to Disneyland in Southern, California where visitors from other countries may have brought it in. Mueller says cases have been reported in Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois, but not in Wisconsin yet. She says if you’re unsure if you have been vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella you can check with the County Health Department at 929-3085 or your primary care provider and they can look up your vaccine history or provide it if need be.

Reported Cases Of Sexual Assault Only Tell A Portion Of The Story

An official with ASTOP sexual abuse center in Fond du Lac says what’s even more surprising about the statistics on sexual assault and abuse is the many that go unreported. Angel Gilbertson is a client advocate for the organization that assists survivors of sexual assault. She says that are at least 10 cases that aren’t reported for every one that is. She says the statistics are shocking for those that are reported. She says one out of four females will be sexually abused by their 18th birthday and one out of six males. She says those numbers would be greater if all abuse cases were reported. Gilbertson says males are less likely to report being sexually abused. ASTOP’s 24-hour crisis line number is 1-800-418-0270.

Community Assessment In United Way Future

The executive director of the Fond du Lac Area United Way says it’s time for the organization to consider doing another community assessment. Tina Potter says the last assessment served them well and they are meeting the community needs as determined by that assessment including those of youth and the elderly. She says the last assessment was conducted in 2007. Potter says a community assessment is good for about 5 to 7 years, but it is expensive to do an assessment. She says it can cost up to $80,000. She feels they are still on the mark with the community priorities determined in the last assessment. The United Way recently wrapped up a successful campaign exceeding their $745,000 goal.

Water Clarity For Sturgeon Spearing Season Could Be Better Than Last Year

DNR Sturgeon Biologist Ryan Koenigs says things could change before the start of the sturgeon spearing season on Saturday, February 14th but right now water clarity is pretty good. He says good water clarity is one of the conditions needed for a successful season on Lake Winnebago and the Upriver Lakes. He says it can also lead to a shorter season. He says last year there was about 15 feet of visibility, which lead to a short 6-days season and this year the clarity is better. Koenigs believes the 2015 season will be a success. He says if the harvest caps are reached that means spearers will take close to 2,000 fish.

Meeting Jack Falcone

Moraine Park Technical College will go “undercover” with one of its speakers on Tuesday, February 10th. Joaquin “Jack” Garcia one of the most successful undercover agents in the history of the FBI will speak. MPTC Vice-President of Student Affairs Stanley Cram says Garcia was instrumental in bringing down the Gambino crime family. (Undercover Garcia went as “Jack Falcone,” a Sicilian jewel thief. In his three years as posing as an Italian gangster Garcia was responsible for the convictions of 39 mobsters.  He’s written a book about the experience “Making Jack Falcone.” Cram says Garcia’s talk will be on the MPTC Fond du Lac campus. Garcia was with the FBI for 26 years.