Local News Briefs Monday 4-18-16

Spotter Training


you are interested in learning about severe weather and storms, Fond du Lac County
is hosting a Weather Spotter training session on Tuesday night at Marian University’s
Stayer Center
Jim McNabb of Fond du Lac County Emergency Management says the session
is open to anyone who has interest in learning about what to look for in severe
weather situations is welcome to attend. The class is free and it gets going at


Get Burned By Your Butts


Fond du Lac Fire Rescue reminds you
to not get burned by your cigarette butts. 
They were recently was called to a house fire that was caused by
improperly discarded smoking materials. 
Troy Haase of Fond du Lac
Fire Rescue says that even in your home you should discard your butts in a can
with water or sand.  He says that the can
should not be set directly next to the house as sometimes other debris ends up
in them.  He says never assume your
smoking materials are out, you must make 100% sure.


to Door Sales Scams


the weather getting nicer Frank Frassetto of the Wisconsin Department of
Consumer Protections warns that you may see door to door scammers coming
knocking.  Frassetto says that many times
a sales person may come to your house pitching a home improvement project.  He says that many municipalities require a
permit to go door to door, so ask for it. 
Frassetto always ask for documentation on what company they work for and
never let them in your house.  He says if
your gut tells you something is fishy, it probably is.