Local News Briefs Monday 6/30/14

It’s unlikely an applicant for a liquor license for a new tavern at the former JR’s Sports Bar and Grill site in Fond du Lac will get the Alcohol License Committee’s support. That’s because the applicant failed to list 4 previous drunken driving convictions on his application and didn’t disclose run-ins he’s had with the West Bend Police Department for two establishments he’s had there. In a memo to the Committee Fond du Lac Police Chief Bill Lamb talked about an interview with the applicant Edward Daniel and a background check. Assistant Chief Steve Klein, Division Chief of Fire Prevention Troy Haase, Community Development Director Wayne Rollin, City Clerk Maggie Hefter, Association of Commerce President Joe Reitemeier and Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership Executive Director Amy Hansen met with Daniel last Tuesday. Daniel told them the 4 OWI’s were old with the last one dating back to December of 2000 and he didn’t know he had to report them. His Washington House and Eddie’s Lake House establishments have also been cited by West Bend Police a number of times for alcohol sales violations and had numerous calls for service. It’s being recommended the committee recommend denial of the license to the City Council. The committee meets at 4 p.m. at the City-County Government Center.  Daniels would be doing business in Fond du Lac as the Escape House Pub and Grill.

Appleton Man Disables Air Conditioning Units

(WHBY-Appleton)-Appleton police arrested a 52-year-old man for stealing parts from air conditioning units. Police Sergeant Dave Lund says the man was throwing the parts away. He told investigators he didn’t like air conditioning and was taking out the control switches to disable the units. Lund says the suspect would ride his bike around the Fox Cities and apparently target homes and businesses randomly. He says the man hit a number of places in Appleton and in the Fox Valley. Lund says there were reports in Menasha, the town of Menasha, Grand Chute and Neenah.

FDL Schools Superintendent Looking Forward To Effectiveness Project

Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Jim Sebert says he’s excited about the CESA 6 (Cooperative Educational Services Agency) Effectiveness Project they will be implementing this fall. It’s an evaluation model for teachers and principals. Sebert says the CESA 6 model is similar to one developed by the state’s Department of Public Instruction. He says in the past much of a teacher’s evaluation was based on classroom visits by principals. He says the new assessment model also incorporates student performance. He says they’ve been practicing with the new assessment model this past school year. Sebert says their staff has had to deal with a lot of change in the past few years, but have adapted wonderfully which ultimately benefits kids. The school board last week adopted the annual contract with CESA 6. 

Ripon Summer School Actively Engages Students

Ripon Schools Superintendent Mary Whitrock says the district has a very active Summer School program. She says it offers both remedial and enrichment courses and they offer swimming lessons as well. She says they have hundreds of students that are participating at any one time during the 5 weeks of summer school, but the actual number may be even larger depending on how many actually register. She says it may be as many as 1,600 kids. She says one of the unique course offerings is a chance to do volunteer work in the area through the Volunteer Center of Fond du Lac County. Whitrock says the students are put on a van and sent to different volunteer assignments. She says it’s important to do what you can to keep students actively engaged during the summer.

Drivers Reminded To Watch For Pavement Buckling

The return of hot summer weather means drivers should be alert for the possibility of pavement buckling and for highway crews responding to make needed repairs. Steve Krebs is with the state Department of Transportations Materials Management Section. He says highway crews have already been dealing with some of the first pavement buckles of the season. He says generally, we see this happen most frequently during the first couple of heat waves of the season — later in the summer — pavements tend to find equilibrium after several months of warm temperatures.

But he says there can be hazards any time of the year. Drivers are also being reminded of the state’s “Move Over” law which requires drivers to shift lanes or slow down to provide a safety zone for highway workers, emergency responders, and tow trucks stopped along the roadway.

Campbellsport School District Among Those Receiving High Cost Transportation Aid

(Wisconsin Radio Network)-The Department of Public Instruction is distributing $5 million in aid for districts with above-average student transportation costs. DPI’s John Johnson says over the year the cost to maintain and equip school districts with buses and keeping kids on buses is tough especially for school districts in rural areas. State law requires that school districts provide transportation to public and private school students if the student resides more than two miles from the nearest public school they are entitled to attend. This year, 128 districts will receive the funding. The Campbellsport School District is among them receiving a little over $9,900 ($9,906.31) in funding.