Local News Briefs Monday 9/14/15

& Law Enforcement


was the 14th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001
terrorist attacks in the United

North Fond du Lac Police Chief Darren Pautsch says that the events of
that day changed how police work forever. 
He says since the attack local police have been at the forefront of
preventing terror attacks on U.S.
soil as people in the community have become more vigilant to report to them
suspicious activities. 


Have A Safe Bow Hunt


As the bow hunting season
gets underway across the state of Wisconsin
please be sure that you are safe on your hunt. 
Steve Olson of the Fond du Lac Police Department says one of the top
things you need to remember to do when you head to your tree stand is bring
along a safety harness. Olson also adds that you shouldn’t go out hunting by
yourself without letting someone know where you are going because if you for
some reason don’t come back, people won’t know where to start looking.


Getting Prepared


Are you ready for an
emergency in your home?  Kim Mueller of
the Fond du Lac County Health Department says that September is Emergency
Preparedness Month, which means it’s a good time to evaluate how ready you and
your family is if trouble may arise.  Mueller
says one way to be ready is to have an emergency kit in your home in case you
get displaced or stranded for a long period of time.  Mueller says a kit for your home could
include; one gallon of water per person, canned food, and a can opener, a
flashlight, a battery powered, solar or crank radio and a portable cell phone
charger.  She says every kit should be
specific for each person as people have individual needs.


Veteran Van Drivers


The Fond du Lac County
Veterans Service Office is looking for drivers to help transport veterans to
appointments across the region.   Rick
Patten says they currently don’t have enough van drivers to cover the already
scheduled trips.  He says they have 3 to
4 drivers right now but could use 6 to 7. 
Van drivers typically make trips to places such as Appleton,
Cleveland, Wisconsin,
Madison, Milwaukee
and Beaver Dam.  If you would like more
information or to help call the local Veterans Service Office at 929-3117