Local News Briefs Saturday 1/31/15

The 29-year-old Waupun woman who drove drunk last June and injured her two young children has been sentenced to a month in jail. Amanda Vant Hoff pled no contest in Dodge County Court this week to drunken driving causing injury charges. The misdemeanor charges were amended down from felony charges. The accident happened on State Highway 68 near Laurel Hill Road in the Town of Trenton last June.  She lost control round a curve and put her vehicle in a ditch. Her 4-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter were injured in the mishap, but not seriously. Her driver’s license was also revoked for 18 months.

Drive Sober On Super Bowl Sunday

Members of the Drug Free Communities of Fond du Lac County are asking County residents to refrain from binge drinking during Super Bowl Sunday and avoid driving if you’ve been drinking. Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller  says what some people might consider just being social is actually binge drinking. She says it’s considered binge drinking if a woman has four drinks and a man has five drinks in a two-hour period. Among the recommendations Drug Free Communities makes is designating a sober driver for the trip home, don’t let friends drink and drive and limit your alcohol consumption during the game. They advise stopping your drinking during the third quarter.

131 S. Main Has New Ownership

The building at the corner of 2nd and Main in downtown Fond du Lac that used to house “Cool Beans & Bagels” and other businesses has new owners. Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership Director Amy Hansen says the ownership is not from Fond du Lac, but saw a need for it. She says it’s been vacant for awhile and it’s good to see it being used again for apartments and businesses. She says it will be renovated into 19 apartments, one, two and three bedroom apartments on the second through fifth floors, with a sandwich shop and other businesses on the first floor.  

Marian Presentation On Sexual Exploitation Of Children

Marian University will be hosting a presentation on commercial sexual exploitation of children next Tuesday night at 6:30 in the Sadoff Auditorium in the Stayer Center.  Tia Medley will serve as the keynote speaker. Medley, a Family Nurse Practitioner, provides adolescent health services in Milwaukee. She is a member of the Milwaukee County Human Trafficking Task Force. In addition Fond du Lac Police Detective Bill Ledger will speak to the topic’s impact on the local Fond du Lac community. Ledger is a member of the Eastern District of Wisconsin Human Trafficking Task Force and a Marian graduate. Fond du Lac Police Chief Bill Lamb says, “The commercial sexual exploitation of children is a concern in our local community.” This event is free and open to the public, and is sponsored by the Social Justice Committee.

ASTOP Uses Social Networking Sites

ASTOP Sexual Abuse Center in Fond du Lac gets its sexual abuse prevention message out in a number of ways. Case manager Kristen Carlson says they do education in the schools. They also have a website and social networking presence on Facebook and Twitter. She says they even have an Instagram page to reach younger people, which she says they’ve found effective. She says they do a lot of different campaigns on Instagram with pictures.

Senator LeMahieu Pleased With Committee Assignments

State Senator Devin LeMahieu of Oostburg says he got four different committee assignments. He says that included assignments to the Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee, Administrative Rules Committee, Agricultural, Small Business and Tourism Committee. He also chairs the Elections and Local Government Committee. He says experience on the Sheboygan County Board will help a little. He says he is studying to get up to speed on the Elections nad Local Government Committee. LeMahieu represents the 9th State Senate District.

Packer Fans Active On Social Networking Sites During Playoffs

An analysis of the use of social media during the NFL playoffs puts Green Bay fans among the top five in several categories. According to the analysis by Proofpoint Nextgate researchers Packer fans were the second most active on social networking sites during the playoffs. Dallas Cowboy fans finished first in that category. Packer fans were considered the fifth most polite on those sites. Carolina Panther fans finished number one in that category.