Local News Briefs Saturday 12/14/13

A national think tank recently ranked the Fond du Lac metropolitan area 13th out of 179 cities across the nation for the presence of high-tech industries. Fond du Lac Economic Development Corporation President Steve Jenkins says the ranking came from the Milken Institute, which also ranked the City well among the best performing cities in America. He says the City ranked 65th this year out of 179 compared to 94th last year. Jenkins also says Fond du Lac County this past year had a solid economy ranking higher than 37 other countries in the world. He says it’s anticipated that next year the value of all goods and services in the County will be in the neighborhood of $2.9 billion.

No Fast One Pulled

Ripon Mayor Gary Will says they didn’t sneak one by when the Common Council approved an official snowmobile route in the City in October. The Council revisited the issue this past week at the request of residents who wanted them to reconsider the use of snowmobiles on the Northwestern Trail. Will says it’s a public trail and they did take up the issue in September and October. He says people from four different states visited the community last year to snowmobile. The original request from a member of the Snow-Odders Snowmobile Club asked for an extension of the trail to allow snowmobilers to have access to restaurants while they are out riding.

Senator Gudex Co-authored Bills Signed Into Law

Among the bills Governor Scott Walker signed into law this past were two bills State Senator Rick Gudex of Fond du Lac co-authored. One of those bills increased the state’s historic tax preservation tax credit from 10 to 20 percent for buildings built prior to 1936. Gudex called that a “win-win” for Wisconsin taxpayers because it will prevent investment dollars from leaving the state and create jobs. The other bill is the Brown Jug Bill, which would allow retailers to sue underage drinkers or their parents who illegally enter a tavern, try to purchase alcohol or use false ID. Retailers would be able to sue for up to $1,000. Gudex will be a guest on the Morning Show with Bob Hoffmaster Monday morning at 11:30.

Equipment For Law Enforcement Efforts Can Be Expensive

Fond du Lac County Chief Deputy Sheriff Mark Strand says they are very proud of the equipment they use daily in their law enforcement efforts. He says they maintain the equipment and keep it in place. Strand says technology is expensive and it’s a tool they use in their efforts. He says the equipment they use in their squad cars is a good example of the expense involved. He says the computers, cameras, radio, radar and other equipment come to almost as much as what the car itself costs. He says they make sure their deputies are well-trained on how to use the equipment and some of the training programs can be pretty intense.

Home For The Holidays A Temptation For Women With Drug And Alcohol Issues

The executive director of the Beacon House in Fond du Lac says it’s well known that holidays can be tough especially for someone with a drug or alcohol problem. Mary Gerlach says at a time when being home for the holidays is stressed they see to it that the women they treat for drug and alcohol abuse aren’t sent home for the holidays. She says it’s party time of year and why would you set someone up who is working so hard on recovery to fail by sending them home. She says the women they treat have basically lost everything. In its 20 years over 1,000 women have been treated at the Beacon House.