Local News Briefs Saturday 12/28/13

Think When You Drink…Don’t Host
As we continue through the Christmas and New Year’s holiday officer Steve Olson
of the Fond du Lac Police Department reminds you that you can get in trouble if
you let minors host a party involving alcohol.  
Olson says you that if you are a parent, Fond du Lac has a social host
ordinance so if an underage drinking party occurs on your property and it gets
busted you will be ticketed and it will cost you thousands of dollars.

Property Taxes
(WRN) People in Wisconsin
pay among the highest property tax rates in the nation. A report from the Tax Policy Center shows that Wisconsin is among 11 states where people
pay more than 1-and-a-half percent of a home’s value each year…in taxes. It
also shows the amount paid is among the highest in the country. Wisconsin
Taxpayers Alliance researcher Dale Knapp says the state relies heavily on the
property tax to pay for local services. He says Wisconsin is regularly among the 10 ten states
for having the highest property taxes.

Social Media Safety
When posting on Social Media, be aware that bad guys may be watching.  Detective Cameron McGee of the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department warns that
when you post things such as where you might be going on vacation it may open
the door for someone to target you or your residence for a crime if they know
you will not be around. 

Historic Preservation Bill
Truly Historic

State Senator Rick Gudex
attended the recent bill signing in Green
for a law that increased the tax credit for
historic preservation efforts to 20 percent. The state lawmaker from Fond du Lac co-authored
the legislation. He says Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt called it the most
historic piece of legislation ever signed into law and Gudex says that wasn’t a
play on words. Gudex says it’s a bill he fought for over 10 months and was
finally able to get passed. The bill is for those building built prior to 1936.
Gudex says it will create jobs and keep investments in such projects from
leaving the state. He says it is important to a lot of communities including Fond du Lac.