Local News Briefs Saturday 2/21/15

State Senator Rick Gudex of Fond du Lac says legislators will be debating the Governor’s State Budget proposal over K-12 funding for public schools. He says it proposes cutting the categorical aid for each student by $150 a year and then raises it by $165 in the second year of the budget. He says as much as he supports school choice and the vouchers program, he also wants to support the K-12 public schools system. The state lawmaker from Fond du Lac says they are trying to figure out how they can keep that funding in tact for the K-12 system. He says he believes there’s a way to go, but there are a lot of legislators who recognize that can’t do things at the levels proposed.

Training Police Officers To Use Narcan

North Fond du Lac Police Chief Darren Pautsch says having police officer carry Narcan and be trained on how to use it is something they have considered. This past Tuesday afternoon a 23-year-old North Fond du Lac man was found passed out in the Stretch Truck Stop. Drugs and a syringe found at the scene helped police and EMS determine he had overdosed on heroin. EMS used Narcan to revive the man. Pautsch currently their officers don’t need to be able to carry and handle Narcan because EMS crews arrive just as quickly at the scene as their officers. He says if heroin and overdoses continue to trend upward it’s something they would consider. Mayville Police officers are being trained on how to administer Narcan.

SMSA Board Busy Times Ahead

An official with St. Mary’s Springs Academy says they are taking steps to figure out what’s next with Kevin Shaw leaving as president. Director of Advancement Kelly Norton says the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors and the Board is discussing next steps. She says they are focusing on short term and long term strategy for the critical issues ahead, which include construction of new facilities, fundraising for that, focusing on enrollment growth and supporting the system. Norton says as much as they are sad to see Shaw leave they are prepared to embrace the situation and move the institution forward. Shaw will become president of Green Bay Notre Dame Academy in June.

Goodbye Dr Ruhland

Community members, student leaders and staff at Moraine Park Technical College bid goodbye this week to MPTC President Sheila Ruhland during a farewell reception. Ruhland is leaving to become President of Tacoma Community College in Tacoma, Washington. Bonnie Baerwald is MPTC’s Interim President. She says a couple of state legislators were also on hand for the reception. Senator Rick Gudex and State Representative Jeremy Thiefeldt were among those extending their best wishes to Dr. Ruhland. The reception at MPTC’s Fond du Lac campus was held this past Monday.

State Trust Fund Loan

The Stockbridge School District in Calumet County will be getting more than $1.2 million in State Trust Fund loans. The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands approved two separate loans to the school district. One is for $1 million to help finance energy efficiency projects. The other is for a little over $209,000 to refinance a previous State Trust Fund loan.