Local News Briefs Thursday 10/31/13

Samaritan Winner

The 2013 Samaritan Health Clinic Raffle House was
awarded to Sharon Vandeslunt of Fond
du Lac
on Wednesday afternoon live on KFIZ.  Sharon’s name
was drawn by event co-chairs Gary
Deitte of Holiday Automotive and Dr. Derek Colmenares of Agnesian HealthCare.  Vandeslunt says that she has always purchased
tickets to the drawing which supports the Samaritan Free Health Clinic in Fond du Lac and when she was
called live on the radio she thought it was a prank call from her friends.  Vandeslunt will have to decide if she wants
to take the 2248 square foot home at N6003
Hideaway Lane west
of Fond du Lac or $134,000 in cash.  KFIZ’s Wade Bates was the MC of this year’s
live drawing.

Agnesian Expansion


Agnesian HealthCare has
announced a major expansion to it’s Camelot Drive Facility.  Shelly Haberman of Agnesian says that the
current facility will be expanded by about 50,000 square feet.  She says that the space will allow them to
increase their Sports-Spine space, all of their foot care doctors will move to
one location, and they will be able to consolidate their pain medicine
services. Haberman addes that they will also house the wound care center and
also a hyperbolic chamber.  In the spring
of 2014 they will begin work on another 50,000 building north of the current
one to house their retail outpatient services and expanded dialysis services.
Work on the $21 million dollar project should be complete in the fall or winter
of 2014.

Burglary Arrests

Local law enforcement has arrested a pair of people
in connection with a string of burglaries in the area.  Detective Cameron McGee of the Fond du Lac
County Sheriff’s Department says that along with the Fond du Lac PD, they have
taken two suspects into custody for burglary of Lenny’s Bar on Highway 45,
Terry’s In Eldorado, Lori’s Bar in Lamartine, and Player’s Bar in
Rosendale.  The suspects are also accused
of burglary at Touch of Earth Landscaping in the Town of Fond du Lac. McGee reports that evidence and
stolen property have been recovered and the investigation is on-going.


Ghost Hunting


Halloween thrill seekers
need to remember not to break the law if they go on ghost hunts this time of
year.  Deputy Dave Tackett of the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department says they
take extra time watching eerie locations such as cemeteries to make sure
nothing illegal is going on. Tackett also warns that you shouldn’t be
investigation any alleged haunted houses without permission. He says that it is
trespassing if you go inside a building without permission.   If you have to break something to get
inside, it is damage to property and you could be charged with theft if you
take something.



Halloween DUI


(WRN) Over the
years Halloween has grown from a holiday for kids to one with lots of adult
participation, which means adult celebrations. Dave Pabst with the state
Department of Transportation says getting behind the wheel after drinking is a scary
thing to do. Half the fatal Halloween night crashes in Wisconsin involve drinking and driving. And
with kids trick or treating and step up law enforcment efforts, there’s really
no reaosn to make the mistake. There’s even an app for designated drivers. The
DOT’s Zero In Wisconsin program’s Drive Sober mobile app can help designate a
sober driver or find a safe ride home on Halloween.