Local News Briefs Thursday 9/5/13

Back To School Walking

As school is underway for kids in the area, many of them are walking to school each morning.  Steve Olson of the Fond du Lac Police Department says that if you have a younger child walking to school, make sure they are familiar with the correct route to school. Olson says it’s a good idea to make sure your child takes the same route to and from school each day so you know where they should be if you need to find them. He also says to make sure your child uses the sidewalks if they are available.


Same Sex Marriage In Wisconsin

(WRN) Federal tax laws are changing for married same-sex couples, after the U-S Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act earlier this year. IRS spokesman Christopher Miller says couples that got married in a state that recognizes same-sex marriage will have to change their filing status. Same sex couples may have to file their state returns differently, such as in states like Wisconsin that don’t recognize gay marriage. Miller says the state’s revenue department can address those questions.


Students on Board of Regents

(WRN) A state lawmaker wants to give the governor more guidance in picking student members of the U-W Board of Regents.  Currently, the governor can select any U-W student to fill two slots on the Board of Regents. State Senator Fred Risser (D-Madison) is backing a bill that would require the governor to pick from a list of nominees selected by student governments on each campus. Dylan Jambrek with the United Council of U-W Students says the change would give those attending classes and paying tuition a greater voice in picking their representation. Jambrek says the majority of the Board of Regents is not exactly representative of the student body.. A state Senate committee is considering the bill.


Kids & Cleaning Rooms
(Wisconsin News Connection) If getting your children to clean their rooms is a constant battle, take solace in knowing you are not alone. Parent educator Kelly Bartlett says it’s a common struggle in families, and while parents should have expectations, they also need to realize kids’ skills and priorities are much different.  She says “I do think it’s something that parents can teach kids. So yes it’s worth it to try to work with kids and teach them good organization habits and cleanliness, but it’s not worth having it become the center of a power struggle between parents and kids because that’s just going to drive your relationship apart and cause difficulties other places.” Bartlett says for young children especially, an order to “clean your room” can be overwhelming. Showing them how to break it down into smaller tasks – such as picking up dirty clothes or making the bed – can be very helpful.