Local News Briefs Tuesday 3/15/16

Fruth Field Improvements Discussed

The Fond du Lac School Board held a workshop last night after its regular meeting to discuss proposed improvements to Fruth Field. District Superintendent Jim Sebert says the improvements would include artificial or synthetic turf. He says there would be benefits to that over the real grass they have played on. He says you could practice when its wet and there would be less wear and tear. Sebert says it could be used for soccer, community events and other activities as well. The estimated cost for all the enhancements would be up to $2 million. Sebert says they would get donations and pledges to cover costs long before he considered asking the board to borrow from the fund balance to do the project. He says the fund balance is basically the district’s savings account or rainy day fund.

FDL School Board Notes

The Fond du Lac School Board Monday night approved the budget for the Summer School program. The overall budget is nearly $338,000, but that includes remedial and enrichment programs. District Superintendent Jim Sebert says it’s a great program. The school board also approved a 1 percent hike in pay for 28 administrators. Sebert says the 1 percent is what they gave their other employee groups too. The total increase for those administrators came to $26,488, each will receive $946. The board also recognized the High School’s Cardinal Columns Students and Advisor Matt Smith on the Wisconsin Newspaper Association Awards they picked up. High School Student-Athlete Will Wright was also recognized for being named the Burlsworth Character Award winner.

FDL County Board Preview

The Fond du Lac County Board will open their meeting tonight with a resolution honoring late County supervisor Thomas Schumacher. Schumacher passed away last month within a couple months of completing his only term on the board. He had chosen not to run for reelection. The board will also be asked to approve the salaries for the County Clerk, County Treasurer and Register of Deeds for the next four years. Salaries for those elected positions have to be established prior to election. The three seats will be up for election this fall. The board meets at 7 p.m. at the City-County Government Center.

New Wastewater Phosphorous Standards Could Be Expensive

It may be some time before Fond du Lac and other communities in Wisconsin will know the new standards for how much phosphorous will be allowed in wastewater. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says it’s a complex topic. He says there’s thought that new standards will be 25 times as strict at .04 milligrams per liter. He says the state is currently doing an analysis. He says the analysis involves the upper Fox watershed and Wolf River watershed, which includes Lake Winnebago and the City of Fond du Lac. He says the total maximum daily load study looks at impaired water bodies like Lake Winnebago and determines how many nutrients can come into the Lake. He says it will take a look at the sources of those nutrients including wastewater plants, farm fields and other properties that put nutrients into the watershed and determine how much nutrients they can put into the watershed. Skiff says it could be expensive if they have to go with the stricter standard. He says the state may decide it doesn’t need to be that strict.

Guantanamo Bay Facility Needed For Questioning Terrorists

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson doesn’t agree with President Obama’s efforts to close Guantanamo Bay. He says it’s important we have a place to detain and question over a long period of time Islamic terrorists and unlawful combatants. He says it’s silly and foolish to close that facility. The senator from Oshkosh says he’s toured the Guantanamo facility and detainees are treated with real humanity. He says the key to gaining intelligence from those detainees is long term questioning. He says Guantanamo Bay is an asset in the war on terror. He says with the president dedicated to closing Guantanamo we have not been capturing terrorists, so we have been limiting the amount of the human intelligence we need to keep this nation safe. Johnson says he doesn’t think the president will be able to close the facility. He says law prohibits transferring Guantanamo Bay detainees to U.S. soil.

Wisnet And Society Insurance Bubbler Awards Winners

Two Fond du Lac businesses have been named among the Top Ten Best Places to Work for Young Professionals. NEWaukee recently named its 2016 Bubbler Awards which go to the Best Places to Work for Young Professionals. Wisnet ranked fifth and Society Insurance eighth. Companies are nominated by their employees, evaluated and selected by a group of young professional leaders from across the state of Wisconsin.  The Bubbler Awards Ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 23rd as the launch of the fifth annual YPWeek at the Platinum Flight Center of the Appleton International Airport in Appleton.

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Annual Town Of Byron Veterans Memorial Fundraiser On St Particks Day

The Annual Town of Byron Veterans Memorial Dinner will be held on Thursday at the American Legion Hall in Lomira from 3:30 to 7 p.m. The traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal of corned beef and cabbage dinner, sponsored by the Town of Byron Veteran’s Memorial Committee, is open to the public. The event also includes a photographic display of local veterans and a raffle for cash prizes. Proceeds are used to maintain the veterans’ memorial and add names to it. Tickets for dinner and raffle tickets are available by calling 539-7710 or 979-1109. Tickets will also be available at the door.

I Am A Girl Showing At UW FDL Today

The community is invited to a free screening of the documentary “I Am A Girl” this afternoon at 12:30 at the UW-Fond du Lac. Excerpts from the film will be shown during the hour which will also include time for a brief discussion. The film examines what it means to grow up female in the world today. In celebration of International Women’s Day, Fond du Lac Fair Trade Tow is partnering with UW-Fond du Lac Professor Paisley Harris and students in her introduction to Women’s Studies class to present the 2013 documentary by Australian filmmaker Rebecca Barry. The film takes a look into the lives of girls around the world who face horrifying discrimination.