Local News Briefs Wednesday 11/25/15


City Council Update

The Fond du Lac City Council will hold steady with six members until the Spring Election.  The Council decided not to appoint a member to replace Brian Foster who resigned earlier this year Fall.   The Council on Tuesday night approved a special use permit for Commowealth to convert the St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s schools to apartments, townhouses, and cottage style units. 

First When You Deep Fry Your Turkey


Division Chief of Fire Prevention for Fond
du Lac
Fire and Rescue says to make sure you follow
directions if you’re going to use an outdoors deep fryer to cook your turkey
for Thanksgiving. Troy Haase says done right it makes for a very tasty bird,
but safety comes first. He says to be sure your turkey is fully defrosted
before you drop it in the hot oil. He says it can cause an explosion or fire if
the turkey isn’t defrosted. He says as also applies to the use of fire pits
make sure your deep fryer is a good distance from your home or garage in case
something does go wrong. He says it should be at least 10 to 15 feet away from
any structures.


Vension Donation


If you have
more than enough venison and would like to donate it to help out the needy the
Hunt for the Hungry program is available this gun-deer season. Fond du Lac
Conservation Warden Samantha Koscher says there are a couple of meat processors
in Fond du Lac County participating in the program. She
says they include Brandon Meats in Brandon, Eden
Meat Market in Eden,
and Loehr’s Meat Service in Campbellsport. She says it might be a good idea to
call ahead in case those meat processors are really busy and don’t have
anywhere to store the deer. She says the carcass should be field-dressed before
it’s brought in.


Friday Shopping Tips


Division Administrator for the State’s Department of Trade and Consumer
Protection cautions shoppers to beware of potential rip-offs during Black
Friday sales. Frank Frassetto says Black Friday isn’t necessarily a one-day
shopping event. He says make sure you know the purchasing rules and return
policies that may differ from one day to the other. He on the other hand if
you’re shopping online you better have up-to-date software and security
features on your computer and always shop on a secure site. Also make sure you
save warranty information.




(WRN) Expect
plenty of company on the roads and in the airports, if you’re heading out for
the Thanksgiving holiday today or the weekend. 
That’s according to a survey by Triple-A. Spokesman, Nick Jarmusz who says
the numbers are up nationally and in Wisconsin.
Nearly 90-percent of those people will be driving to their destination.  Over 977,000 Wisconsinites surveyed said they
would be taking a Thanksgiving trip of 50 miles or more. Holiday
travelers will be helped by gas prices that continue to fall. Prices in some
parts of the state have already been hanging around the two-dollar mark for a
gallon of regular unleaded fuel.

Suspicious Incident 

The Oshkosh Police Department reports that a citizen in the 1800 block of Ashland Avenue reported that they awoke to someone standing at the end of their bed touching the citizen’s feet. The male suspect was described as white, 5’04”, 150lbs, having short, dark hair and wearing an older burgundy jacket. The suspect ran from the home. The Oshkosh PD says the investigation continues.