Local News Briefs Wednesday 12-24-14

Gudex Keeping Open Mind About Right To Work


the Governor asked Republican legislators to tone down talk about right to work
legislation saying the felt they had other priorities they should tackle. State
Senator Rick Gudex of Fond du Lac
says he’s not sure that’s something they can avoid talking about. He says he’s
heard mixed reaction from constituents about creating a right to work law. He
says he’s keeping an open mind about it. He says right to work will be on the
state legislature’s radar whether they like it or not. He says he’s maintaining
a neutral position on it while he gathers knowledge and understanding about how
it will impact people. Twenty-four states have some kind of right to work law
that prohibits businesses from pressuring employees to join a union.

Home Sales


sales declined six percent in the state last month. Dave Clark of the Wisconsin
Realtors Association says he wasn’t expecting that.
median statewide price is now 145-thousand dollars.  
In Fond du Lac
for the month of
November the median price of a home sale was $145,000 and for the year to date
it’s $122,000, which is up 4.9% from the same time period in 2013. 


Last Minute
Shopping Safety


Don’t allow
thieves to steal your holiday cheer as you finish up your Christmas shopping
today. . Sergeant David Harvey with the Wisconsin State Patrol talks about
things people can do to discourage burglars over the Holiday
  He says theft is often a crime of opportunity
— so what we’re suggesting is that people take steps to minimize opportunities
for thieves. When you’re out doing your holiday shopping, keep your vehicle
locked at all times — and if possible — keep gifts or other valuables locked in
your vehicle’s trunk or somewhere where they’re out of sight. Especially around
this time of year, police respond to a lot of ‘smash and grab’ type of crimes.
It can happen in parking lots, along a street, or even in your own driveway —
and it can really ‘put a damper’ on your holiday spirits. So people should try
and park in well-lit, well-traveled areas, and keep any valuables in a vehicle
locked away and out of plain sight.


Over The
River And Through The Woods


and Interstates will be busy today as around 1.9 million Wisconsinites are
expected to travel more than 50 miles for holiday activities.  Triple-A Wisconsin says that that heavier
than normal traffic began on Tuesday and busy all day today.  They say many of those travels will return
home by the weekend.  About 98 million
people nationally anticipate traveling this year, most by car. 


Red Kettle Campaign At Finish Line


The Fond du Lac’s
Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign wraps up today.  Captain Steve Wilson told KFIZ that as of
Monday, they were at about $120,000 of their $145,000 goal.   The
Red Kettles will be out and about until about 2pm today so any change you can
spare will go along way.