Local News Briefs Wednesday 2-19-14

Lomira Referendum Passes

Voters in the Lomira School
approved a $24 million dollar referendum
on Tuesday.  The funds will be used for
improvements in the K-12 facility in Lomira and the 4K-5th Grade
Facility in Theresa.  Superintendent Bob
Lloyd told KFIZ the district appreciates the community’s support of the school


FDL County Didn’t Need
To Declare State Of Emergency
In Propane Crisis


Unlike Dodge County,
Fond du Lac County did not have to declare a state
of emergency for the propane shortage. Fond du Lac County
Executive Al Buechel says certain criteria have to be met to declare a state of
emergency, which would have made the county eligible to provide financial help
to those who needed it. He says those conditions were meant in Fond du Lac County. He says to make that declaration
five businesses would have had to report trouble operating because of
interrupted or diminished propane services. The propane crisis has eased with
an influx or more propane into the Midwest. As
a result propane prices are beginning to come down.

FDL Using A
Lot Of Road Salt This Winter


Road Salt


Fond du Lac
Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says the City has used a lot of salt on its
roadways this year, but should make it through the rest of the winter without
worrying about running out. Skiff says Fond
du Lac
has fared better than other cities in that
regard. However he says the bill will come due when they check their salt sheds
and have to see how much they will have to order for next winter. Skiff they
tend to use more during the spring time when they see a lot of thawing and
refreezing overnight.

Clear Snow & Ice From
Gas Meter

After getting another wave
of snow earlier this week be sure to clear ice and snow away from your natural
gas meter and furnace vent.  Alliant
Energy says that the build up can cause the meter or gas appliances like a
furnace or hot water heater, to malfunction. 
If a vent is blocked, carbon monoxide cold build up in your home or your
furnace or hot water heater could stop working. 
Newer furnaces and water heaters vent out the side of a home, so you
should make sure those are clear as well.