Local News Briefs Wednesday 4-15-15

Citizen Life Safety Award


Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue awarded Bradley Schaar it’s Citizen Life
Safety Award on Tuesday.  Chief Peter
O’Leary says the award is given to someone outside of the department who has
been involved in a life-saving effort at an emergency scene before their
arrival or has provided extraordinary assistance to Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue.  On July 18th, 2014 at 9:12am,
Schaar was the manager at the Fond du Lac Comfort Inn when fire broke out.  O’Leary says that the hotel was full at the
time because of Rock USA and Schaar was able to tell them exactly who was in
the hotel at the time of the fire and made sure everyone was safe.


Use Social Media Judiciously


One of the ways Fond du Lac City
Council President Sam Meyer gauged public opinion was through the use of social
media. Meyer used his Facebook page for some topics. He says people use social
media to get a lot of their information now, but you have to be careful because
it can also be a source of misinformation. Meyer says you have to be careful
about getting too personal and shouldn’t attack others. He says to remember the
golden rule, talk about others the way you’d like them to talk about you.
During her successful campaign to get on the Fond du Lac School,
Linda Uselmann praised Meyer for his use of social media.


Touch Screen Voting Will Become A Thing Of The Past


du Lac
County Clerk Lisa Freiberg says she never really cared for the
touch screen election equipment they used during elections. She says with the
new equipment they are getting they will no longer be using them. She says in
1996 they got the machines to be in compliance with the Help America Voting Act
or HAVA. The new equipment has everything someone with disabilities would need
to vote. She says the reason she didn’t like the touch screens was because they
printed out the voters results similar to a cash receipt instead of a true
paper ballot, which was easy in the event of a recount.


Dodge County Brings Back Most Wanted Program


Dodge County Sheriff Dale
Schmidt says they have brought back their Most Wanted program. It’s something
that was started under former Sheriff Todd Nehls. Each month they focus on
about 10 of the people who are wanted on active warrants in Dodge County.
Schmidt says he got the idea to bring back the program after getting a call
from someone who was a victim of contractor fraud.  He says he was able to make phone call and
they went out and picked up that person. Schmidt says there are currently 740
active warrants in the County. The current list of Most Wanted can be seen at
the Dodge County Sheriff’s website.



9-1-1 Call
Open House


You’ll have a chance to go
behind the scenes of Fond du Lac
’s 911 Dispatch
Center as part of an open house this afternoon. 
Fond du Lac
Director of
Communications and Emergency Management Jim McNabb says its part of National
Public Safety Telecommunications Week. McNabb says Fond du Lac County has very
good dispatchers and six this year have earned the “Life Saver Award” which is
given to a person who gave enough information to save a life over the
phone.  The open house and tours run from
4:30pm to 6:30pm at the City-County
Government Center
You are asked to enter the building at the south side jail entrance on Western Avenue