Local Organization Releases Statement Following Council President Refusal To Sign Proclamation

A local 501c3 has spoken out in opposition of the recent decision by Fond du Lac City Council President Brian Kolstad to refuse to sign a proclamation recognizing January as “pro life” month in the City. In a press release issued Saturday, Morality In Media Wisconsin President Jim Guell and Vice President Dennis Malchow said:

“Wednesday evening, January 13th, on a 3-3 divided City Council vote made necessary after Council President Brian Kolstad refused to sign a proclamation he recently agreed was acceptable, the City of Fond du Lac found reason and opportunity to pound yet another nail into the coffin of peaceful coexistence in this traditional family-oriented community. The explanation given for rejecting this life-affirming proclamation was (that) it was too ‘political’, yet not a single voice was heard in opposition during the public statements.

Celebrating the value of life, all life, is not a political issue. It is an affirmation of the value of all life. However, as recent as last June, this same Council passed a proclamation in support of ‘Gay Pride Month’, previously hailed as ‘June Dairy Month’. Double standards and hypocrisy are clearly evident. Civic, religious and business leaders should ponder this animosity toward life issues, family values and religious beliefs. This rejection of the celebration of life reflects not just indifference but animus toward the values of people of good will everywhere .

As there may be an ethical violation under the ‘equal and fair treatment’ provision of the Cities ‘Code of Ethics’ policy, we call for civic, business and religious leaders of all stripes to look into his unprecedented action of a council president refusing to sign a proclamation raised by a sitting council person under the current rules for presenting same.”