Local PD’s and Sheriff’s Offices Turn Up Heat On Social Gatherings

They seem like pretty easy rules to follow. If you’re a bar that doesn’t serve food, you can’t be open. If you’re a bar/restaurant that DOES serve food, you must abide by the new rules put in place regarding carry-out, delivery, drive-thru or curb side. 

But there are still establishments that are not adhering to the rules. The FDL Police and FDL County Sheriff’s Department were both busy Friday and Saturday checking in on reports of local places that were the scenes of social gathering. In one restaurant, one lady said she had been there for over an hour, sitting and both consuming a drink as well as food. A number of people were seen in the bar area. 

One local establishment even admitted to hosting a “social gathering” for a private birthday party. Local authorities have made it clear: break the laws and you will receive the appropriate tickets. I would think it’s pretty simple…the rules are in place, so abide by them. These are tough times for everyone. And the sooner everyone plays by the same rules, and practices what the local, state and national health agencies are preaching, the sooner we may get back to whatever the “new normal” will be.