Local Police Officer Talks About Being Part Of The Community

The job of being a police
officer has faced a lot of scrutiny lately, after four Minneapolis police officers were charged in
the death of George Floyd two weeks ago.
City of Fond du Lac Police Officer Erik Foster tells
KFIZ News that while what those officers did was wrong, it’s frustrating to see
their actions lead many to believe that all officers are bad. 

“You do this job because you want to help people. A lot of us get heavily involved in different community aspects of this this job, helping out where we can. There’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff, officers spending their own money to help people down on their luck or in bad situations, and never get reimbursed for that.”


Foster says that while times are
difficult for members of law enforcement right now, they are still going to go
out and do their jobs and serve the community to the best of their ability.