Local Residents Scammed Using ebay Gift Cards

Local authorities are reminding residents to, again, be aware of online scams. This warning comes as authorities investigate two more cases of victims losing money online. 

Police were called to the 600 Block of West Arndt St, where a 69-year old female told police she had been purchasing eBay gift cards through Western Union and sending those cards to Nigeria. The female told police she had sent close to $7000 in gift cards between June and November of 2019. 

FDL Police are also investigating the theft of $800, this time being reported by a 55-yr old male. Police were called to the 700 Block of E Pioneer Rd. A 55-year old Fond du Lac man reported he had found a truck for sale on eBay, and had paid for it using eBay gift cards. 

The problem was he never received the truck. Upon further investigation it was determined the ebay site was fake, as ebay had no record of the vehicle transaction. Police again reminding residents to make sure the sites you are ordering from are legitimate ones.