Local School Boards Hold Special Meetings Monday

Two local school boards are holding special meetings Monday (5/16/2022).

The Fond du Lac School Board met virtually Monday morning, to discuss the scheduled May 27, 2022 weather-related Make Up Day from February 22.

Fond du Lac School District Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Fleig told the board that the ever-changing COVID protocols along with the lack of substitutes has made the current school year challenging.

Fleig said, as of May 13, there are at least 50 staff vacancies that need to be filled for May 27. Seventeen of those vacancies will not need subs, leaving 33 sub positions to be filled. Dr. Fleig said they have 23 of the 33 positions filled.

Fleig also said there were 93 staff position that needed to be filled on May 13, and that the District was only able to fill 63 of the positions, leaving 30 positions unfilled. He also said he anticipates there may be more absences the closer they get to the May 27 date.

Fleig said he thought it was in the best interest of the district to revert back to the original school year calendar and keep May 27th as a full day off for students and staff. He did, however, note that administrative staff would be working that day, unless individuals took the day as a vacation day.

The motion passed on a 5-0 vote, with one board member abstaining and one board member not present.

The North Fond du Lac School Board is also set to meet Monday night, in advance of next week’s regularly scheduled meeting, and will hold a Board Workshop to discuss the new Superintendent hiring process.

It was announced last week that current Superintendent, Aaron Sadoff, has been named the Executive Director of the Fond du Lac Area Foundation, and will be taking over that role January 1, 2023. Sadoff has held the Superintendent position for 13 years.

The Board will also discuss and consider the Superintendent contract along with educator contracts for the upcoming 2022-2023 School year.

The North Fond du Lac Board is set to meet at 7:00 p.m.