Local Superintendents On Making Up Missed School Days

FDL Superintendent Jim Sebert (Above):

Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Jim Sebert says the district will likely make up days missed to the recent batch of cold weather in the second week of June. He says there is discussion at the state level about giving local school districts more control over when they start school, which could give them more time when they do have to cancel school because of weather conditions. He says the problem is the winter isn’t over and there may be some more tricky weather to deal with in the coming week.

NFDL Superintendent Aaron Sadoff:

The superintendent of the North Fond du Lac School District says they like to have all their information before they decide to call classes off. Aaron Sadoff says that’s why they waited until Sunday night to call classes off for Monday. He says they wanted to know just how dangerously cold temperatures would be getting. He says if they can have school in a safe way they have school. Monday they sent out a letter regarding make up days then had to cancel classes again Tuesday because of even more dangerous weather conditions. He says if they can avoid having to schedule classes into the second week of June to make up missed days they will try. As for the possibility of state legislators taking a look at giving school districts more freedom to begin classes before September 1st, he says that’s probably a long shot. For information on North Fond du Lac school make up days click here.