Lockdown Lifted at Carroll University

Update, 12:17pm –

The following information was posted on the Carroll University website.


Waukesha Police learned the man’s identity and arrested him at his apartment. Police say a non-lethal airgun was recovered from the man’s residence.

WAUKESHA, WIS.— The temporary lockdown of the Carroll University campus has been lifted per instructions from the Waukesha Police Department and the Carroll Campus Safety Department. Waukesha police have in custody a suspect who was seen on campus earlier today carrying a gun. It is not known at this time what kind of gun it was. Afternoon classes will resume immediately.



Fox News, 11:58am – A small university in southeastern Wisconsin is keeping students in its classrooms while police investigate a report of a man with a firearm. Carroll University sent a text alert to students after the public safety office received a report of a man with a gun near the tennis courts. Student Affairs administrative assistant Yolanda Medina says no one is allowed to leave the campus buildings while the report is investigated. Carroll has about 3,500 students and is located about 30 miles from Milwaukee in the city of Waukesha.


Per sources, this was the text sent to students,Not a test There is a report of a male with a firearm walking near the tennis courts and the Barstow Building on Barstow. Remain indoors until further notice”


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