Lomira Police Hosting Fundraiser for New K9 Unit

The Lomira Police Department is hosting a fundraiser on
Saturday to help cover the cost of a new K9 unit. Officer Mike Rowe tells us
they haven’t had a K9 unit in over a decade since the last one retired, but
with a growing economy and crime rate – now seems like a good time to make an

 He says “Lomira is very
unique within itself because Lomira is located right off of Interstate 41. And
we have approximately one mile of jurisdiction coverage that we are responsible
for taking care of. We have a lot of guns, a lot of narcotics that flow through
the community going north and south, and also that stop into our village as
well. And that’s something that’s going to help combat that type of crime.”

Rowe adds that the dog will be dual-trained, meaning “it’s going to be able to bite a suspect if we need it to, it’s going to protect the officer. The other thing it’s going to be able to do is detect for narcotics – whether it’s in a vehicle or a building or just out in the open. And the third things it’s able to do is search for missing persons. Whether it’s a suspect that leaves from a crime or someone that may be lost in the community that the dog is going to be able to track.”

The fundraiser runs from Noon until 4:00pm on Saturday. It’s a
kid-friendly event, featuring different things for them to check out –
including a member of the Paw Patrol TV show. The event is ten dollars per
family – paid at the door.